"Must have's" in a S/O?

What are some things you must have in order to consider a date with? We all have them. Don't just limit it to stuff like "A good personality." Be real here. Like some people won't date people living with their parents so having moved out would be a requirement.


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  • Must have some type of humor, not too much of anything, a bit shy and serious, tall, smart, handsome lol but you know.. whatever floats my boat, mixed filipino or other ethnicity.. I know it kinda sounds racist, but I just could never date a guy who's the same race as me (filipino).He has to have a job, faithful, fun, always has something in mind to do, knows how to cook and manage time and money, sometimes down to earth-like, if he smokes or whatever, then cannabis is the only thing I'll accept, just as long as he isn't addicted to it, holiday-loving, caring, accepting to the family, kinda strict I guess, not wimpy. He has to be positive, but a littles short-tempered. Clean, and definitely classy. And no, I'm not saying that this is EXACTLY what I will find in a s/o, but its what I'd ideally prefer, if ever :p

    • Oh.. and he can't be married and he can't be married or have kids, like my ex

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    • I seriously think this guy has that message on "cut and paste" and is spamming it all over this website.

    • Lmao, as if "whatever floats my boat" didn't mean anything

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  • He must be healthy (not obese or fat because of gluttony). He must be able to make me smile and laugh. I love a great sense of humor. Intelligence to debate with me. He must be faithful and honest. I can not stand dishonesty. He must be tolerant and free of judgement and I will respect him in the same way. Lastly, he must be emotional. I am in touch with my emotions and how I feel. I never want to feel emotionally inferior so I need a man to be able to be emotionally open with me. Complete emotional stability is not a requirement however.

  • - must be understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, patient

    - must be honest

    - must be spiritual or sympathetic to spiritual beliefs

    - must be decent looking

    - must be respectful and cannot be condescending or abrasive in any way

    Everything else is negotiable

  • I honestly don't think I have "must haves". I didn't expect to fall in love with the guy I did but it happened. I do have deal breakers though. This would be things like cheaters(if they ever cheated in the past), liars, drug users, doesn't like dogs or cats, but all of these can also be worked on and with. I can't say I wouldn't date someone fat or someone ugly because under the right circumstances I might. I think my boyfriend is handsome but at first I was too physically attracted. But I wouldn't daye someone the size of my bed. Or much skinnier than me. A little would be OK. I'm not really that picky about specifics. If I like you I like you and if I don't I don't. And I'm being honest. I think we all have preferences but love is blind

  • smart

    loving and respectful







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    • The same matters for me as you, except for the religious one. That one doesn't really matter to me :-) But good points.

    • thanks at least someone agrees - well he has to be religious since I am so knowing myself I'm going to choose a man from my religion so it doesn't create conflict etc

  • Hygiene and sadly that consists of a lot of things. ( smell, length of nails, brushing your teeth, and especially ear up keep . If I can see your ear wax that's a huge negative.)

  • He needs to have a good job and a car.Living with parents? That depends on his age and stability. If he is 30 and above,I would prefer him to move out.

  • He needs to be a little manly at least. . I need to know that if we were attacked I wouldn't be the one needing to defend us because let's be honest, there's not much I can do. Also he needs t be laid back and funny, of the same religion as me because I will not fight about that, he needs to be loving but I can't stand corny romantics. He needs to be tallish but really, even 5'8" is tall to me. He can't be selfish or lazy. He needs to be able to make things work if things don't go as planned. If he even remotely has a temper, if he disrespects me, forget it. I don't raise my voice and I expect the same respect. This includes passive aggressive mean remarks. We need to be able to have conversations and work our issues out.. He must be nerdy. If he doesn't appreciate the old Star Wars then he's not right in the head anyways. Haha also LOTR. Ultimately I need an easy going, kind man that knows when and how to take charge when necessary. If he doesn't want children forget it as well.

  • Sense of humor, healthy & takes care of himself, is able to carry a conversation- especially about things that matter, is not extremely religious or political and trying to force his beliefs on me, is ambitious and working towards his goals, adventurous and cultured, is a chivalrous gentleman, tall, self-confident, masculine...

  • Good looking

    No manwhore past

    Good hygiene


    Car because I'm not driving your ass everywhere

    No perverted past either


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  • I think it'll be more interesting to do must not

    must not be slutty.

    must not have excessive piercings and/or tattoos.

    must not have super short hair.

    must not be a drama queen.

    must not be dumb.

    must not be two years older than me or younger than 19.

    must not be even slightly overweight

    must not be a tomboy

    must not be a heavy drinker and/or a heavy drug user

    must not be a mom

    must not dress like a homeless person

    must not have a tramp stamp

    must not have crazy eyes

    must not have a beard and/or mustache

  • Well, there are must haves as well as must not haves.

    -Must be intelligent enough that I don't feel like I'm always talking down to her, or that her eyes don't constantly glaze over when I get onto a complex topic that I'm passionate about.

    -By the same token, with some rare possible exceptions, must have some kind of higher education.

    -Must get my sense of humor.

    -Must be self-sufficient, have common sense, etc. I'm more than happy to be helpful to make things easier and speed things up, or to be a different set of eyes to solve a problem, but when it becomes a case of dependency to get mundane things done, it's not attractive at all.

    -Must have some kind of cultural appreciation beyond passive consumption of commercial entertainment. Meaning this... if the extent of her taste is limited to Miley Cyrus songs, James Patterson novels, police procedurals like NCIS, etc... not the girl for me.

    -Must like to eat a big variety of ethnic food.

    -Must not smoke or use illegal drugs, must not drink irresponsibly or excessively

    -Must not be religious

    -Must not be politically conservative

    -Must not want kids

  • She must be fairly cute, in good enough shape she looks hot in a bikini, not a slut, and smart.

    Though I don't really hook up, so I look at dating more seriously.

  • Ex-smoker



    Avid reader

    Some antisocial tendencies

    Been in a mental hospital at least once

  • No kids.

    Long hair.

    No tattoos of guys names.

    Not having a slutty history.

    Not religious.

    Acts like a lady, and not a tomboy.

    Wants to have kids in the future.

    Must not be strong independent, or any other combination of words that women use to justify being selfish, bitchy and uncompromising.

    Lives a healthy lifestyle.

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