Should I even respond to this text from my friend?

My best friend is a guy who has a girlfriend. We've been close for a year and they've been dating for about 5 months. I figured when they got together that we wouldn't talk quite as much, but I never thought we'd lose all of what we had. He told me a while ago that we should always stay close and never let anything come between us no matter what. I always make an effort to text him and see how he's doing. We go to school a few hours away from each other, but whenever he's in town I ask him if he wants to have lunch or something. I'm always there for him no matter what and I'm a good friend.

Since about 3 months ago he has started talking to me less and basically not doing his part in this "friendship". He told me I was his best friend once and I doubt that now. He seldom makes an effort to even text me. Sometimes he even takes days to respond to my messages.

We're both home for break and he texted me a few days ago asking when I was free to hang out. I told him the 2 days I'm off this week and he said we were going to hang out both of those days. He started asking me what we should do and then he just stopped replying. He just got back with me and said he can't hang out with me now because he's spending the week with his girlfriend.

This is probably the 3rd time he has made some type of plans with me and then cancelled after waiting days to even tell me and I'm sick of it. I don't even want to respond to his text and tell him "that's okay" because it's not okay at all. He needs to stop breaking his promises and just be a friend. Should I even reply to his text saying he can't hang out this week? Should I just ignore it for days like he does?


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  • At this point, I think you can ignore it - I don't think he's being much of a friend to you at all. It sucks when people get in relationships and dump their friends, but it happens with quite a bit of frequency.

    Just realize that it's not the friendship you thought it was, and focus on your other friends who truly are there for you.

    • thanks, this makes me feel a little better :)

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