Why would my Ex Boyfriend do this out of the blue and unexpectedly?

My Ex text me close to two months ago and he told me we can only be friends. Then like two weeks after that, he text me out of nowhere and all he text was "please don't text my phone anymore". I then text him "um ok", and left it at that. nothing more was said.

Two days ago he text me out of the blue " Hey, what's up" and not even a minute later he text me again asking if I wanted to hang out and throw some darts. I was busy so I couldn't and I told him I couldn't. he then text " goodnight" and that was end of conversation.

Any idea why he would tell me to pretty much never text him again and then he texts me and asks me to hang out?


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  • I don't know how to put this in a nice way...

    He was horny. He wanted to fuck.


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  • I guess he probably was horny


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  • he has a girlfriend so or someone he's seeing so he's scared they will go through his phone and see messages about you... obviously she is out of town or they got into a fight so he messaged you.