Ooopsie I drunk messaged and I feel like a complete tool.. too late?

theres this guy I went to highschool with and we were really good friends.. but just friends. anyways years go by and we run into eachother a couple times alwas tells me how pretty I am and what not. neway I had a baby and she's now a 1.5 years old and I see him out but I'm still with my finace and he has a party so I go there. he tries kissing me and all this stuff but I say no over and over and get a cab and leave I actually kinds just missed being friends with him and all those other people from highschool so the next night I message him to come out and he ignores. so whatever I feel stupid. then I hear a rumour that some1 was saying I had no shirt off at this party so I'm angry and confront him he said that he knows that's not true and none of his buds would say that.(I ltr find out it was some chick) anyways we stop talking for months and months we only ever talk when we run into eachother especially since I was engaged.anyways I'm not engaged anymore and I run into this guy at a Xmas party and I go to his house after we talk about our last encounter,.and that it ws really attractive I turned him down so many times that night when I was in a relationship.. so like I was saying we were at a Xmas party I go to his house after with a bunch of people we are talking and we makeout then go to sleep.then in the am I wake up frantic because my phone died and I am late. I tell him I need the addy for a cab he says ill drive you, so he drives me to wear my car is I drive I get in a accident. I break my phone and also I deactivated fb when me and ex break I reactivate it drunk one night at like one am and I'm like hey can I have my blazer its my fav one I think I left it there.and he's like ill look for it when I get home what's your number,and I said again I just really like that blazer. its my fav. and he was like okay look 4 it & message you and I'm like I don't have a phone reactivated this since its ya fav blazer. I got in a accident that day. I luv that blazer its black I got in accident. but it was worse because I said those things multiple times because I thought they didn't go through or something. (and he stopped answering at this point) & I was like are we gonna talk about that night? still no answer...

so embarrassed omg.I know it was nothing horrible but I would never ask to talk about what happened to a guy especially a kiss.. I was just drunk being retarted asking for a blazer at one am. so ya no answer.didn't know what to do.. so the next day I was like " FB should breathalyse, sorry I wasn't making any sense I'm embarrassed and just really like that blazer. if you cud just look for it.or actually ill just ask ( his roomie) for it have a good new year. and he was like " ha its all good , I tried to message you on fb after that night but couldn't find you" & again I was like yeah just reactivated it phones broken. and he was like text me sometime then gave his number.

then I was like... what I was trying to say was I got in a accident when you dropped me off ill have to tell you about it next time I see you, have a good day. and he was just like you too! and that was it... I feel so dumb for messaging him nonsense and saying want to talk about that night.. ha. and also I feel if he really cared he would have been like what happened are you ok!?


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  • So what's the question? I wouldn't worry he's probably done similar stuff. Let it go and if it ever comes up just say something along the lines of "LNG that was such a terrible weekend, fought with a friend, had a few drinks, disturbed everyone drunk contracting by FBI and the. Was in an accident". He will totally pay attention to the last comment which takes the focus off fb. Other than that let it go, it's not the last time you'll contact someone drunk that you'll regret

    • I guess the question was does he think I'm a tool or would e still be interested. he did still give me his number.. but the end I was like I was in a accident that day you dropped me off ill have to tell you about it have a good day. he didn't seem to interested in that so I just thought maybe he didn't care and I blew it... most guys would ask what happened and if I was okay. but I guess I did just say ill tell you about it next time I see you.

    • I'm not quite sure what's going on but I think most people would ask if you're OK, I'd probably leave it alone unless you see this buy when some time has passed...if you run into him again I wouldn't mention anything about what happened, no need to remind him