Am I right to feel annoyed/let down with my friend?

The past 2 years I have supported a friend of mine during a breakdown even when nobody else did and whilst I have not done this with a view to getting anything back am I right in feeling annoyed and really let down when she did not even send me a text message on the anniversary of my brothers death a few days ago. As we became closer over the past few months I have opened up to her, as she did with me over things that we are struggling with and my brother dying at such a young age suddenly three years back was something I had never spoken about or dealt with. She also opened up to me and as she has had a hard time I always made a point of trying to cheer her up on her bad days by taking her out or giving her a call. But now when it has come to a time when I am feeling alone and sad on the anniversary of my brother dying I do not even get a text message and I would have put it down to her being busy but she posted on Facebook how bored and hungover she was. Am I being unreasonable in feeling let down by her and a bit annoyed too? She knew the date of the anniversary as she asked me when it was a week or so back.


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  • its normal to feel that way towards her. but you have to understand people express themselves differently & expect/ give in friendship different things. just talk to her about it & tell her how you feel


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