Is it really the distance or is he feeling awkward around my mom or is he seeing another girl?

Hes 27 and I'm 24. We met online back int he summer and we had gone to a club and an amusemnt park. Last month we started dating. At first my mom had tod him that were sisters and she introduced me to him and he really liked me a lot. He was shocked and surprised when he found out that she's really my mom but he still continued to see me.

We've been seeing each other for about a month now and we have a good chemistry (the sex is good) and we like each other, but lately he asks me if its OK for him to come over or if my mom will say anything...he was also telling my mom that he feels "guilty" because he doesn't take me out places and we just "stay in" all the time.

he says that he works a lot, also helps his parents because they don't speak English or drive either (hes from Afghanistan and had a strict upbringing). There's is also a distance - 45 minute drive and it has been snowy lately. He wasn't 100% enthusiastic either last time he came over and he had me waiting for him all day. He was telling me that he misses me an that he would see me everyday if I was close but he wasn't being very responsive to me, and he didn't tell me if he wants to come over on new years eve or he feeling awkward with my mom? or do you think its another girl?

(He says that he either busy with family or with work, and that girls that he dated in the past always didn't trust him because he's always with family.)

  • Feels awkward around my mom
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  • Thinking of ending things because of the distance
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does he seem to want to end things because he was telling me a lot about the distance? also says long drive bores and tires him...also asks me if my mom asks what we do in bed...


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  • He's just busy, I think. Keep dating him, and see how it goes.

    • why would he mention the distance and why would he ask about my mom if she minds?

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    • we have same culture and values - I'm Greek and he's Afghani

    • yea he texted me saying that he's very busy these days, and then I asked him if he wants to still be seeing me and he said "sure". so ya I think your right about him being busy. But do you think I sounded insecure or desperate when I asked him this? (I was feeling worried because he had said about the distance)

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