Should I be mad he hooked up with another girl before becoming official?

They were friends and they hooked up one night, sometimes he still talks to her but since we got together they haven't really spoken to each other. She used to like him and I know that she respects our relationship because she has backed off since we started dating.

We weren't official at the time they hooked up but him and I were seeing each other (I'm not sure if the other girl knew or not). It happened within a week of us starting to date.

Do I have the right to be mad at him, should I say/do anything?


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  • I find it bizarre how many look at relationships, love and commitment in a technical way like a contract. Like you break up with someone and have sex with 4 people and get back together 2 days later. That wouldn't be cheating but what is going through their mind to where they are okay with having sex with someone and then "committing" to someone the next day. He's probably just trying to get what he can out of the situation though.

    Your feelings are never not allowed. It's healthy to feel how you naturally feel. Personally, I would question a girl that had sex with a guy 2 days before we became boyfriend and gf.


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