Why did he say I'm always "playing hard to get"?

We've been dating for 3 or 4 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. We were in the car while his older sister was driving me home and he was going to kiss me, I backed off lol I don't know forgot what happened. He said "Always playing hard to get" we started laughing and kissed. I don't know why he thought that...I usually kiss him back.

I mean I hardly reply back to his texts like twice I think, went a day without texting him I guess because I was busy,not sure what to reply back due to anxiety but mainly I hardly reply back to his texts.

I mean I reply but go for hours not replying back to another text and then I just don't reply. He hardly texts me now . He hasn't brought it up. I don't think that's why he said that. Don't remember but confused why he said that. I'm not sure if he was just kidding.


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  • You should reply to his texts as soon as you can :) Otherwise he can get upset. But,the kissing part,relax,guys really dig thisplaying hard to get thing ,makes them want more.At least that's how I know haha.