Should I text him or not?

The guy I like has been distant lately. He used to text everyday and be so nice, now he acts more distant. I texted him merry Christmas first thing in the morning, and it took him until evening to reply. I was a bit hurt that it took him hours to wish me back. Should I text him at midnight to wish him a happy new year? or should I wait and see if he texts me? Or not text all together?


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  • you should text him, sometimes you need to push it a little to get some kind of reaction out a guy. if you try long and hard enough, he'll come back to you. if you give up he'll do the same. but if he keeps it up like this then no need to run after him, he's had his chance and fucked up. now it's time for him to run after you. good luck :)


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  • Ya why not I would text him, it could take a little while just due to the days

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