After you ended a relationship, when/how would think about start seeing someone?

ok so I stopped seeing someone I really liked like few days ago, he broke my heart, lets call me (A).

so that was hurt but I know we cannot no longer get back together, and actually it was kinda relief for me.

after that I signed up on online dating app, I don't know why I was doing this but yea, I got a date yesterday.

I m one of the shy girl who cannot be open with somebody straightaway and this guy was trying to make me feel more comfortable around him. lets call him (B).

but the thing is, throughout the date I was thinking sth else like the guy who broke my heart (A), I recalled the first time we went out and such.

throughout the date, he (B) was always trying to hug me, put his arm on my waist, and when we were walking down the escalator he kissed on my cheek.

at the end we sit in a park, he kissed me like over an hour, I like being kissed but the point is, I wasn't fully enjoying the kissing part, first I couldn't breath (maybe the position?), second his beard was hurting me. the MAIN MAIN point was, I was still thinking kissing (A), the guy who broke my heart.

and he (B) asked me to kiss and hug him, I hesitated Because I wasn't sure if I have such strong feeling about him at the moment.

so what sorta of thing you would find on yourself and you know you are ready to see someone else?

and trust me, even though I m shy, but if I have strong feelings on somebody I would take the move because I did it before
sorry typo in the first few lines

Lets call (him) (A),

we can no longer get back together


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  • One month for every year together


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  • Well not that fast. OK if you end the relationship you've already done the grieving part so you move on faster. If you're not the grieving starts later, when the relationship ended. There's a general rule of thumb that it takes half the time if a relationship to get over it, I think it's probably true for women about 75% of the time. I think though you answered your own question...if you're on a date and thinking about getting your heart broken or your ex it's too soon or you're not enjoying it its too soon. Plus this guy sounds like be can't read signals! Seriously I wouldn't bother until you're not thinking about your ex for a week at a time at least

    • um thanks first,

      but how do you you have already doen the grieving part? I mean, yea it still hurts when I think about how he told me and the time spent together even though it wasn't long, people still think about their ex from time to time right?

      and I never trust the idea of online dating, I expect nth from that, all I went out with this guy was to meet people but seems like he likes me (quite abit)

    • i asked him why am I attracted to him, he said I m nice and educated.

      every of my relationship based on friendship with no dating intention, I dun know if that's one of the reason I cannot tell if I have strong feelings about this guy, and seems like he wants a girlfriend quickly

      but thanks anyway

    • Well doesn't really matter what he wants if you're not ready. Think about an ex from time to time? Yes, thinking about the guy every day? You're not over him. OK grieving. When you lose a relationship it's sad, you grieve. One person knows its coming because they've been thinking about it for days/Wks so they've done the sad part and ready to move on. The other has to start at the break, then feel sad, so if you're the one who ended it you move on faster

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