How to create a kissing mood with a guy I'm not dating?

Like a friend who I'm attracted to of a friend/aquantence that's not in the friend zone but we are not talking or dating…

With out being obvious, I like men to be men and therefore make the actual move. But how do I encourage him to make it. Like create the atmosphere and turn him on "innocently."


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  • if you talk quieter he will have to come closer just to hear you; therefore your proximity to one another will be more intimate. When you speak to him tilt your head upwards and leave your lips parted just slightly - look like you are ready for a kiss.


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  • Easy. Put a mistletoe on your head. Problem solved. If you guys are not friend or going out, the thought of kissing you will never go through his head.

  • movie and cuddle with him!


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