He never calls

Iv been going out with this guy for 1 month now everyone said I was crazy to date him except for his friends and well everything was strange from the start id say 4 days into us going out I called him & it was around 11 he didn't pick up but then I got a call back and it was a girl calling from his phone I was shocked and hurt and she said that she was his girlfriend and we talked for like 3 minutes then she said she would give him the phone so me and him could talk I said no I just hung up.

Next day at school I see him he comes in like nothing happened I look at his neck and he has a hickey! I ignored him and he kept blowing kisses as if I wouldn't see it.

I asked him about it and he said that when he picked up his son & he bit his neck and left that mark I don't know why I accepted that stupid excuse but I did and he said he was only with her because it was mothers day and he felt bad...I forgave him.

Whenever he says he's going to come he doesn't he doesn't call when he says he will basically I can't rely on him for much.

whenever his sons mother brings his son to his house he doesn't speak to me for about 3-4 days I don't know why.

we had sex for the first time about 5 days ago he texted me after he left saying he thinks he really loves me and that were gunna be together for a long time and he may have thrown that stupid marriage word somewhere, he also called the next day and said he would come in the morning but I knew he wouldn't because then he said he was going to be seeing his son and he didn't want me to be upset.

I haven't really talked to him in like 4 days I texted him and may have called him a dick because I was upset all I got from him was "why you called me a dick?" like he doesn't know.

then the next day I texted him and asked if he was going to ignore me again and he just said "ill call and text after 9 & I'm in school right now" but that never stopped him before ya know I don't know what to do about it because I'm scared of being without him I'm already so attached and I don't want all this time that I spend thinking about him and talking about him with like everyone to have been a waste but I feel like I'm the only one trying in this relationship what should I do?


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  • instead of trying to knock up

    another girl she should worry

    about his first kid


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  • dump the jerk. Completely write him out of your life.


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  • Wow, this guy is an uber jerk. He says some sweet nothings to you and you melt right in his hand. What should you do? Forget about him. He doesn't respect you, it's all on his terms, he knows you'll fall for his blatant lies and you know what? You know all of this yet you keep coming back for more. It's only been a month so it's not too late to run away now. Do it for yourself. Don't you think you deserve better? Don't you think it would be nice to not have to do all the waiting and being made a fool of?

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