Girls....What happened?

On 5th date, we hugged and kissed. We were very happy. She said"I willnot call can call me anytime." She left giving me a flying kiss. When I called 2 days after, she didnot pick up. What the heck happened? Girls ..please help.

How to fix this problem,now? Its been 15 days now. I have not called and neither she did call.

Is it over? Is it time for me to forget her? We really had amazing chemistry. Please advice ..what is the solution to this debacle?


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  • She was interested in you...but it sounds like you were "something on the side". She was getting her kicks from being with you, but was not interested in an actual relationship. Sorry dude, it sounds like she played you :(

    But maybe not necessarily! Call her ONE more time. If she doesn't pick up, text her immediately after to say "hey what the heck, I thought you liked me! OK missy, it's your turn to do the calling IF you ever want me to speak to you again ;)"

    Then, just leave it at that and don't expect she'll do anything. If she does, great! If not, that's a confirmation that she was just messing around.


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  • Sounds like she got back with an ex or something. Sorry!

    If this woman is anywhere over the age of 15, and your waiting 2 days would break her heart, then I think you're better off without her anyhow. Two days is about perfect...not so soon as to be suffocating, not so long as to make her think you only called because you got bored.

    I would call once more, leave a message if she doesn't answer, and ask her to call you back. I get the whole playing hard to get/The Rules/He's Just Not That Into You thing. Seriously, I've practiced such things to the point of even sabotaging myself. But there comes a time when if a girl is interested, she picks up or returns the call. You shouldn't have to keep calling, infinitely, simply because you have a penis. Ridiculous.

    If she neither picks up nor returns your call, walk.

  • Based off what her words are ... she was DEFINITELY into you.

    But then when you mention her disappearing ... that's something else.

    Sounds like she might have gotten back with a previous boyfriend OR possibly was even cheating on the boyfriend !

    I totally feel for you on the chemistry thing. it is hard to let go..

    If the boyfriend thing isn't true, I would just flat out call her a slut.

    But instead of just jumping to that conclusion, follow your heart first.

    Hmm, 15 days ... two weeks. That's not that long ago.

    Purposely call at a time you know she would be available , like maybe a Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon.

    If she ignores it then... yeah. Just let her go :/

  • Called her after 2 days? you crazy? She might had been desperately waiting for your calls every single minute over the past 2 days! You really broke her heart!

  • Maybe she lost interest and doesn't feel the same way as how she felt before.

  • She may have lost interest or she is playing some sort of game.

  • I think she lost interest


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