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Straight to the point, I had been on 3 dates with 3 different guys. Eventually, two of them have shown me unattractive characteristics in their personalities. I no longer talk to guy#1, but guys#2 &3 I am. Both guys have everything going for them: college, looks, jobs, and interesting views on life. But guy #2 is more reserved, laid back and we'll - spoken. HOWEVER, I live in a dorm (college) of all girls and guy #2 has 3xs verbalized/said how attractive my girlfriends were to mine and their faces! Even when I had not asked him at all if they were! My girlfriends don't like how he said that to them in front of me and over texts. Since then I had been on my Christmas break and occasionally we've been texting. I used to like him but from his behavior he has turned me off from him. Guy#3 is the complete opposite from his behavior and is more respectful. Do I leave guy#2 and move on? Do I talk it over with guy#2 even though the thought of it annoys me and it's not like we're dating officially. Please help. I need genuine advice. Thank you. I'm so torn between the two.


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  • It sounds like you like guy #2 more, which is the reason why you're asking this question. If you liked both #2 and #3 equally you'd have long stopped talking to guy #2.

    If you really do like #2 more, try to talk to him about it, in a subtle way, not in an accusing manner. Just bring it up and say you didn't really like it.

    Good luck!