Is this a good way to get him to kiss me?

The guy I like is French. We're going to a theme park with a group of friends. If at the end of the day I feel like I've really connected more with them, would he get the hint if I said something like, "Do the French kiss when they say goodbye?" Or would he be oblivious and say, "Yeah." In that case, what do I say/do?


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  • You just need to make sure that he already knows you like him before the end of the day. Just flirt with him all day. Do things like touching his arm, quick hugs, putting your arm around him, play fighting with him, etc.

    Then at the end of the day just make sure you are alone and look him in the eyes and smile when you ask him. If he says "yes" but doesn't do anything just say something like "good so do I" and kiss him on the cheek and laugh. If he says "no" say something like "well, American's do" and kiss him on the cheek.

    If he has been flirting back then he will probably kiss you. If hasn't been flirting back you might not want to try if you are afraid of being embarrassed. And there is always the possibility that he never kisses a girl on the first date no matter how much he likes her.

    • WONDERFUL answer!! thanks!

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  • hahaha if he doesn't get the hint just make a joke out of it with him. like when he turns to leave grab his shoulder and turn him back around and shake your head laughing and then kiss him. I bet you he'll understand it then. haha