In guys opinion plss.. PLSS HELP ME!!

what if you kiss a girl while she was drunk( not literally wants something for her).. actually he kiss me once and held my hands that time and he was really sweet, caring and protective to me.

So if you kiss her and she acts nothing happened that time and one year has past and both of you never talked about it.. and your still friends with her.. Do you still like her? What will you do, will you secretly like her because both of you we're just friends? will you wait for her until she's ready? or anything you'll do after that.. I REALLY NEED SOME GUYS OPINION... THANK U!

actually I secretly like him and I'm scared to tell him Because what I did for acting nothings happened.. And now I'm leaving soon because it's my internship for the next 2 mos.. And some of our rehab center that I was assign was really far from our school.. I won't be able to see him anymore.. I'm gonna miss him so much.. PLS HELP ME.. no harsh comment plss.. Because I know was to stupid but I'm still not allowed to have a relationship that time until now that's why I act like that.. :(

Well I want to tell him what I feels but I'm scared of the consequences..


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  • So if your not allowed to be involved why tell him?.. what happens if he might like you back? What do you want from him in exchange for telling him your heart?

    • Consequences.. your the one who's leaving. Ur telling him to get things off your chest..

      Either way there will be no winners, so why bother. What is it you want from him once you tell him your heart? What are you wishing to happen?

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