Is it all about games in the dating world?

As a 26 year-old man who until November 2013 always tried to do the right thing and be the guy my parents raised as, I've come to the realization this doesn't work in this generation anymore. I once did but not anymore. Now it's about having games and not being a quality person anymore.

Last month, I did something that I never thought I would do. Some woman from wouldn't give me the time of the day back in my HS years and even overheard her once telling her friends how she wouldn't date me due to my conservative and shy nature, how I attractive at all now after I've grown to a height of 6'2 and become more outgoing suddenly wanted.

I went on a date with her and she complimented on my change but I pretended to not remember our HS years. Anyway just as suspected she's an easy woman. I started making moves, which impressed her and then we hit it off. Then I was gone afterward. I've gotten two missed messages since then. I would have felt bad back then but not anymore. I guess this is what many women nowaday want. That was the very first time I've ever had quick sex and ghost out on a woman.

I had two relationships in my whole life and one of them ended up cheating on me and the other just suddenly broke up for no reason at all and ghost out on me.

I really tried being a decent person but seems that isn't appreciated anymore. It my parents' time it was. If it would have worked out, I would have already probably gotten married by now and never try to get in a woman's pants. I never wanted to be that type but now I just feel like being a user is the way to way, what many women claimed to hate.


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  • To me giving into this generations crap is no exuse I'd rathe die alone being the person that I am morals and values intact then to live a lie and pretend to be something I'm not. I'm a nice guy and a gentleman but like someone below stated you need to know when And when not push back. And the fact that people like you and me are not appreciated is all the more reason for us to not disappear we need to show women that there is a alternitive to bad guys who don't treat women right. I for one will remain a gentlemen till the day I die.


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  • Don't go all Dorian Grey on us!

    I can definitely see how it's tempting to say, "screw it - I'm gonna be bad if that's the only thing that works". And frankly, for your sake, I'd say go for it. Blow your own horn, don't be easily impressed, and keep your guard up.

    But - keep your heart open or you'll become so good at attracting shallow women to boost your ego, that you'll never notice or remember how to handle girls who have the capacity to actually be genuine with you


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  • You were too good of a guy, now you're too much of the bad guy.

    You need to be the guy in between. He's called the perfect guy.

    • It's like I don't really care anymore. I was being the way I was raised and my nature. That was the real me. They don't like that and instead want a guy with games OK then. I don't care anymore. I've given up on my last innocent part of me.

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    • I know I did something I never wanted to but at the same time it was my anger towards her and everything she thought about me back then. She only liked me for my change but not my true self so I got back at her.

    • She's a bitch, she deserved it. It makes sense. But don't let that trickle down to the girls that matter my friend. Take it from someone who went through something like you are now:

      Good guys who push back, they know when to slaughter their enemies (like that bitchy, vain girl you encountered). But when beauty and kindness present itself, they know it's worth preserving and cherishing.

  • Somehow I understand you. Being a perfect gentleman gives the best heartaches.

    But there are some women who like good guys.

    They just have 3 kids, two from different marriages and one with an unknown father.

    And it's very hard to respect them, as a good guy.

    • And that's not the women I would have wanted either. I wanted the one who doesn't have baggage nor kids with different men and is into being with a decent guy. I always thought I would follow my father's path. My parents are each others' first and have been happily married for nearly 28 years now. Seems like that doesn't exist anymore and more women are into men with games that are into instant sex but when a man likes waiting, she'll walk away.

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