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Okay, here's the situation. I was texting my best friend since middle school, who's a girl by the way, but that's not the point. I was texting her about how I am not looking for a relationship, but just someone to spend some time with. Here's the thing; the goal is to not get attached to this other person, but just to go hang out, just a way to help solve my problem of boredom (my town is huge, but there's almost nothing to do here). She then asked me if pretty much what I was planning on doing was playing with a girl's emotions, and I said that totally was not the intent. I told my mom the same thing and she pretty much smacked me, which has never, ever happened before. Is it really a bad thing to go hang out with someone without getting attached? When I get attached to someone, girls usually, bad things happen. I need some insight, guys!


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  • What a self centered ass! Are you emotionally inept? You don't use people for a temporary friendship or relationship. If your bored then learn how to be content with it or go to doing some work.

    • How would that make me self-centered? I didn't exactly mean spending time with someone as in "hooking up" or anything. I just don't want to get attached because when I get attached, if something happens to where I get TOO emotionally attached, bad things happen. Call it just bad luck with women, but whatever.