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I am dating this guy... we are "working" on evolving our relationship... and he can be hard to read sometimes.. when we are together he is like really shy and nervous but like when he texts me he like balls up, he confuses me and like the other night he went out with friends and texted me mad late saying he had no service and doesn't know if I will get his message, so the next day I text him and we briefly talked and he said again he had no service the night before and asked what's been up, so I asked him to hangout tomorrow and I told him about something kind of serious that's going on in my life and he said nothing... yet he was on fb this morning posting stuff. he does have phine issues sometimes, I have witnessed this for myself a number of times... but I'm kinda pissed about this... and I wanna say something but don't know if I should. I don't know if its a phone issue or he's ignoring me he sends so many mixed messages I don't know what to do ...don't wanna come off like a psycho bitch lol- In general how should I handle him anyway? I think I'm falling in love with him and it just hit me and now I feel like more confused


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  • At this stage it's better to give him the benefit of the doubt as best you can. Even if the phone problem is just an excuse, he's going to retreat to that if you confront him on it. However, if he's making you pissed, it's best to do something about it. If you tell him something very important to you and he doesn't bother to respond, that's plenty reason enough to let him know that this upsets you. It's better to bring things up sooner rather than later but if it's still eating away at you then you probably should say something. If he continues to blame his phone for not keeping contact, you have good reason to get angry with him because he hasn't bothered to get the thing fixed! Then you have more leverage later because he knows that this behavior ticks you off.


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