Best way to tell a guy that I like him?

The thing is that he told me he liked me in October, to which I replied that I wasn't ready for anything more so we remained just friends. However, we've continued hanging out and texting very frequently.

I've since developed feelings for him. How do I go about letting him know?

Any ideas of what I could say, like tips on bringing it up in conversation? Should I do it in person or over text?


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  • straight up tlel him. guys don't take hints well. we aren't meant for it. if you tell him there iwll be no secrets. besides no matter how you od it if he knwos you like him then the same outcome would happen. but being more brave would prob get you more of a yes response. because guys like girls with confidence.


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  • Just straight up tell him

    • so look at him and just say 'hey, I like you'? Shouldn't I give some sort of explanation rather than just saying I changed my mind now?