This HAS to represent something right?

So over this past week I had a fling going with a girl here in Atlanta. Though it was only a week long fling, it was better than almost every relationship I've been in. We clicked so hard so fast and it was probably the best time I'd had all year.

Tonight was the last time we'll get to see each other before I leave for Washington tomorrow. It also might be the last time I see her ever, since she might have to move back to Turkey(her home country) before I get back.

So we sat in the car outside her house for about an hour when I went to drop her off. It was freezing outside, but nothing more than that. After she finally had to go inside, we had our goodbye kiss, and right as we broke the kiss and she stepped inside, it started snowing. Literally as her door was closing the first flake fell.

There is no way it started snowing right at that exact second for no reason...Right?


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  • ...No. It started snowing because it's winter, for no other reason. That's great that you clicked, but that would be very impractical to pursue anything further with her, especially considering the fact that she lives in Turkey. The chemistry could very well have been magnified because she's 'foreign' & exotic, so don't blow it out of proportion.


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