Why would a guy you just met hours earlier ask you to be his new years kiss?


So I met this guy at a mutual friends NYE party. As we were walking to our first bar destination (we were doing a pub crawl) we were flirting and joking around getting to know one another laughing and what not. As we got to the first bar the group decided to play pool and when I asked who wanted to play with me he jumped at the chance to be my partner. As the night progressed he started to touch/hug me and asked if I would sit with him to chat further, which is when he asked me if he could kiss me when it hit midnight. I said sure, so we went out to the patio for a little privacy and when things started to escalate we decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately he had to head out shortly after, due to his family calling multiple times about a crisis. He apologized profusely and said he'd rather stay with me, but I told him he should help his family and not worry about me cause Id just meet back up with the group (who just so happened to have been around the corner walking back home--and bumped into us).In the confusion of him having to go the opposite way the group was going we never discussed meeting again or exchanging numbers.

Which leads me to my question, if this guy could ask me to be his new years kiss but not ask to see me again, does that mean I should consider it a one time thing and move on? Or based on the scenario, is it worth it to find some way to reconnect?

For the record, I do not expect any first encounter with any person to lead to a LTR, that's just naive to expect without putting any work into building a friendship first and is not what I'm asking for. We were both consenting adults who wanted to have a fun NYE (and I am of the minority that occasionally enjoys ONS if the moment feels right with and feels natural).
I know that I felt physical chemistry on my end, which is rare in my case, so I'm debating if its worth it to pursue if we in fact ever do meet again and was just looking for other perspectives


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  • worth it to find another way to communicate. He most likely just forgot with his head being somewhere else at the time.

    • on update: don't listen to people who are against one nighters, they're not on the same wavelength as us when it comes to this stuff it seems.

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  • I think he was just hoping you'd get drunk enough...not a serious prospect for an LTR imao.


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  • one time thing!