Does the fact that he scrambled to see me make up for his flakiness?(I select best answer!)

I've been seeing this guy for about two months, and at first he was really into me. Lately, though, he has been flaky. He called me a couple weeks ago to see if I was free that night, but I was out with my friends. He suggested a different day, and I agreed. A couple hours before we were supposed to go out, he called me and said that old friends of his came into town for the night, and asked if we could postpone, but that he really wanted to see me, and that he wanted to set something up to make sure that it happens. I was annoyed, so I told him to text me the next day. He did, and we decided to hang out a few days later. However, when it came time to hang out, I didn't hear anything, so I texted him. It was obvious that he forgot, but he was at my house two minutes later. He was supposed to be watching his little sister, and he said that he had just woken up. The date was fun, but it was short because he had to get back home, and awkward at times because I was annoyed and he was worried about leaving his sister alone. He repeatedly said that he wanted to see me again for a real date, and I didn't say anything because I was so annoyed. This was last Saturday, and I haven't heard anything from him. Is he messing with me? Has he not texted me because I was mad? What should I do?


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  • Tell him that his behaviour annoys you. Let him know you'd appreciate it if he wouldn't forget your dates or keep postponing them. It could be that he hasn't texted you because he thinks you're upset. To be honest, best thing is to let him know his behaviour isn't appreciated, see what he says to that and if he works on that.

    • Thanks for the answer, CrystalMinds! I'll do that. Do you think I should text him first (cause he might think I'm more upset than I am) , or wait and see if he texts me?

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    • Thanks for best answer ^^

    • Of course! Thanks again for your help!

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  • he might think you are mad