Dating a guy who said he thinks I'm amazing but takes ages to text back?

I met a guy who still wanted to see me after I went travelling,I came back and he still seemed interested and we've been dating since.Holding hands when were out and doing normal social things.I haven't slept with him yet. He told me on new years day after a night out that he really likes me , thinks I'm amazing and would want to show me to his friends and potentially see me as his girlfriend at some point. But he takes ages to text back and it really bugs me, only because I know he's not busy cause he's on social network sites promoting his music which is fine but I know tha it doesn't take ages to send a text. Its only happened since we met on a first date, I feel like he's got a bit comfortable. I'll text him at like 11am for example and he might not text back until late in the evening like 9. Am I over reacting? What do you think?


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  • He could be playing games with you. Who knows?

    Maybe you should bring it to his attention. Guys like it when girls are upfront. The next time that you see him, just tell him that you don't get to talk to him that much between meetings and you miss talking to him. Ask him why he takes so long to text back. Tell him you understand he is busy, but getting a response within an hour or two is much more reasonable.

    Good luck.

  • maybe he's just not that into texting? Have you tried asking him why?

    • Yeah he says he's busy a lot with work which I can understand but don't want to say that I've seen him on fb or twitter when he hasn't text me cause I don't want to seem like a stalker or too clingy! I think I might have to say something , but thanks x

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