Anyone else get those annoying viewers on dating sites who you know from real life?

I've noticed I'd had some girls view my profile but they never message me or anything and a couple of them I recognise from real life and I know they'd know me to see me . its like there just being noisy or something , not interested in dating me but want to check my profile for whatever reasons , I'm wasn't interested in dating the girl who did this recently but though it was odd she was looking at profile as we never talk


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  • Yeah there was a guy from my old church who was browsing my profile. I was surprised to find he was very popular with woman online. I guess when you meet people in church, you aren't thinking about how attractive they are or how much money they make.


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  • I had something happen not quite like that but it showed my profile view hers and she well... let it get to her head.

    I had a girl who works at my second job and she practically stood me up 2 times. Planned to go workout together, suddenly nothing. Planned to meet at a Dunkin Donuts for coffee, suddenly nothing.

    Well apparently sends a list of matches where you get an overview of the profile and click yes or no or email. Well apparently when that happens it sends a view to that person! Even though it's an automated list. So I saw her profile and clicked no really fast because I was so turned off but it told her profile I viewed her. She sees me and tried to say I was checking her out and I really didn't know what she was talking about until I pointed that out to her. I think she was disappointed. She used to complain to me how she wasn't getting as many messages on match as she did with the free sites.

    Right now I have been having the problem of meeting girls who are heavier than their photos. They take overhead selfies to hide their weight and when I meet them... I just find a way to escape or show such disinterest that they get the hint.