Are you supposed to do nice things to a guy or girl you are just dating?

And not yet at the relationship stage?

How are you supposed to act differently when you are just dating vs exclusively vs official relationship?

What perks come with having an official relationship vs dating?

What do people mean when they say they want a relationship but nothing serious? Isn't that contradictory?


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  • An official relationship generally means you're being monogamous. I like you, you like me and this seems to be working. Lets agree to not see other people and only sleep with one another. As trust develops you have someone to confide in that will be there to listen to you, to comfort you, to heal you, and generally care about you. Being loved and appreciated by someone makes you feel good, and gives you a positive outlook on life. That makes you happier and stronger, which motives you to improve yourself and be more ambitious to get out there and enjoy what life has to offer. You have a partner in crime, a confidant. It's a good thing when it's the right person...


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