Why would a guy breakup with you and want you around him almost immediately?

ive been talking to this guy for nearly a month and I thought things were going great. he invited me to a new years party and he was my first new years kiss. he has a house on campus and I live far away from campus so I decided to stay with him for a couple of days till I could go back to living in my dorm.

bad idea. he just technically "broke up" with me and his reasons where

1.he saw sides of me that he didn't like.

2.he said he needed his space and wasn't looking for a roommate

3.he said I was selfish because he made breakfast for me one morning and later that night I didn't give him a back rub.

4.he said I wasn't meeting his sexual needs (im a virgin).

5.he also said he doesn't see this working out but maybe after some time.

6. he said I always had to get my way. for example if he didn't cuddle with me at night I would pout because he can't sleep when he is cuddled next to someone

he said all these things out of the blue and it caught me off guard.


all I said was I'm sorry if you feel this way and go ahead and do what you need to do.

i don't know if l shouldn't have stayed with him for 4 days but that was literally my only option. was I wrong for this?

so now he just text me to see if I had a phone charger (I use his Because mines broken). and I said no and he said I could stop by his house tomorrow to use his "so I'm not phoneless".

why would he technically break up with me and then try to see me again or am I reading too much into the charger thing?


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  • I would agree that it seems completely inappropriate to offer a favor as an excuse to get together after giving you a long and rather insulting list of reasons why he needs you out of his life. Perhaps he regrets his decision. I don't get the impression that you regret it. I can't say if you were wrong in any part you played in his displeasure. It does seem that he feels comfortable rendering harsh judgments on flimsy evidence. Claiming you are selfish because you didn't respond as he expected is rather extreme. The list almost sounds like a collection of excuses. In any case he seems particularly immature. I don't think he's in your league.

    • thanks. I don't know if I regret it either. I was almost indifferent about his rant which kind of scared me because I thought I liked him a lot. I didn't even cry. but anyway do you think I should accept his charger offer and if he tries to talk things out what should I say?

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    • i decided not to go to his house. he wasn't going to be home anyway. so I guess he was just being nice which is weird because he said all these mean things to me earlier.

    • Good luck on finding someone who treats you well!

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