Guy friend kissed me suddenly and he doesn't know that I am in a relationship?

i have known this guy from few years and he was my fb friend. when I chat with him for the first time I was in a relationship already.

my boyfriend was cheating me few times and I have been sad about that. I have told that guy about those and he was always an helping heart for me. he comforted me every time I was sad. and once he has stalked about my boyfriend and told me he is not cheating me anymore.

but after few months again my boyfriend cheated me and I told about them to my guy friend. but then that guy strickly told me to left him and I wanted too. so I did it and told my guy friend about that. but my boyfriend came back and apologize,so I forgive him. I couldn't tell my friend that I did the mad thing again(forgiving my bf)

suddenly last Saturday my guy friend told me that he needs to meet me,and chat with me for few minutes and I was the first time we met. he left all over the last week chatting with me. and again he told me that he want to meet me today and left few hours and he kissed me suddenly.

I don't know what to do :( now he is acting like he is my boyfriend. and he is telling that he need to meet me again. I have never treated him like someone other than a friend. what should I do now? do I have to tell it to my bf? whatever I need my friend, I can't loose him.


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  • I think it was a mistake not to tell your friend that you accepted your boyfriend back. It will be harder to tell him now but if you don't, things will be much worse when he does find out. He might think that you took him back after your friend showed you how he felt and that will make him feel rejected. I think you should tell him that he forgave your boyfriend before the friend kissed you and you didn't say anything because you were afraid about it because you were afraid he would disapprove. It's possible that you can salvage your friendship although it's not a sure things. If either of the guys finds out about the other from someone else, you could lose both relationships.


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