How to get over a bad bar experience?

to explain there was this bar/ nightclub in my hometown that I used to go to , it was really the only bar in town and everyone would go there on Saturday nights . but I never really had a good time there and didn't ever pick up any girls or have success on that front and instead developed some negative relationships with some of the girls who went to or worked at that bar . one of the servers I had meet when she was younger and tried to date her then , always though I was stalking her cause we knew each other . and there was a couple other girls I tried to date but failed miserably , they wouldn't even yet me buy them a free drink it was so bad and would barley even talk to me there .

I'm having a hard time trying to get over the whole experience but have excepted the fact its in my past now and its time to move on . also note the bar recently closed and not open and will likely not open ever again . so I can't physically go there anymore and trying to apologise to these girls or such isn't an option as I wouldn't see them anywhere else in town

should also note I've been to other bars in other cities and this kind of stuff wasn't happening to me or at least not as serious , I always seemed to have a good time in bars and clubs in other places but at bar in hometown things were always weird and never worked out


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  • by getting out there again. don't live in the past


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