How different is dating in high school to dating once you're out of high school?

I'm just curious =)

I've never dated while I was in high school because my parents won't allow, and my culture also isn't big on high school kids going out.


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  • Dating in high school is all about excitement & fun
    Dating once out of high school is all about responsibility :D

    • Thank you for selecting my opinion the MH :) I appreciate your kind & thoughtful gesture :)

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  • It all depends on how much freedom you have. Usually it means no curfew to worry about, sleeping over together, don't see them as much as you would if you went to school together. Dating is the same all around. The only things that make it different is your maturity level and both individuals. Once I graduated and had a little more freedom with my parents I had a little more room with what I could do. The dating itself was the same except that being a girl more older guys gave me attention since I wasn't in high school.