We haven't kissed yet?

So we have only gone on 2 dates so far. We are both pretty introverted and I don't know if he will make a move soon. I really like him and he likes me. Our last date got cut short because I had to get home and I has hoping he would have made a move that night, but it just didn't happen. People told me that it should have happened by now and that you 'do it' by the third date- which I don't believe at all lol. I think he wants to take it slow and is clearly not concentrated on one thing, which is really sweet to me.

But if he hasn't kissed me, should I be worried? Or will it happen when it happens?


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  • If the chemistry is there it will happen. For some girl it seems like kissing on the first date is unacceptable and some seem to expect it so if you have not kissed on the second date, to me, that is perfectly normal


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