Why does he act normal but stop asking to hang out?

So I work with this guy and we hung out occasionally in the beginning and have gone on a few dates. He says he really likes me, we talk a lot and he acts normal when he's around me but aside from going on dates he never asks to hang out anymore. I've asked him if he was still alright with everything and he said he is but that sometimes he does retarded things (he thinks he's a stupid drunk and goes to the bars a lot) and he doesn't want to get hurt or hurt me because he likes me a lot. But if he likes me a lot why wouldn't he want to hang out still? What's the deal?


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  • In all honesty I would have to say he is just telling you what he thinks you want to hear until he figures out what he really wants from you.

    Maybe he isn't sure about his feelings and he's just biding time until he makes his mind up about where he wants this relationship to go. He doesn't want to throw away an opportunity, but he doesn't want to make a complete commitment either. To me, if a man liked what was in front of him, especially if she was ready and willing to take the extra step, then he wouldn't hesitate to pounce - despite the fear of getting hurt.

    Give him a little time and space. You don't have to act aloof, but you can take a couple of steps back to let him determine what he really wants. Maybe all it will take for him to take the risk is the thought of losing you for good. If you are too available, he's bound to take that for granted. Pursue your own interests and let him make up his mind.

    Good luck.

  • It sounds like he's scared of hurting you. Let him know that you don't think that he will.

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