You ever met a person off a dating site that used a ton of misleading photos?

This might sound shallow on my part, but anyways for those of you who have used dating sites like myself, have you ever met a person who lied about their weight saying they're average or athletic and for their pictures they are either at an angle where you can only see their face or its from an upward angle or they are a few years old, then once you meet them they are fatter or look completely different?

This has happened to me a bunch of times. Sometimes I'll see girls that look really thin in pictures or just average and then I'll either talk to them on Facebook or meet them in person and they balloon up. It almost makes me feel like an ass because I don't wanna call them out on it and make it seem like appearance is all I care about. Now I don't think women or men should be judged on appearance alone though you can't hide that stuff if you're planning on meeting in person.

To be fair, it'd be like me taking only mugshots or pictures at angles and saying or trying to make myself look athletic and say I'm a bodybuilder but I'm just very tall and skinny. There also was a time where I met a girl who was kinda chubby but had a nice face. Only difference was I knew what was coming and she was honest about it.

In this south park episode I watched with kim kardashian and kanye west, the episode was pretty much about how models photoshop and airbrush photos to give this ideal unrealistic image. In a way I kinda feel its the same thing when you use misleading photos. People will care more for the image than the real thing. I don't manipulate photos because you either like what I have or you don't.

Anyways for girls, how often do guys do this on dating sites? I'm curious as well.


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  • I haven't meet a lot of guys but I don't think guys do that as much. When I was online dating sites I always was very truthfully about myself and because I rather be honest and meet someone who already knows how big I am beforehand this way I don't have to worry about what they might think of me otherwise. If I tell you I'm a bigger girl to start then I know that maybe your actually interested in bigger women and wanting to hopefully get to know me. I always say I'm a BBW.

    • Oh yeah and there are always gonna me men into bigger women, no doubt about that.

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  • I once met a guy who lied about his age and I refused to go on a second "date" with him but he kept bugging me. Most guys exaggerate how unattractive they are. I've never had a guy lie about his appearance.

    • How big was the age gap? Was the guy older or younger than he said he was?

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    • I was 21 and he said he was 26 (this was years ago) but in reality he looked around 35. I asked him to show me his drivers license cause I thought he was lying to me and he refused to show it to me. I knew another guy who said he was 27 and I found out through an ad he posted online that he was actually 40. I had a former friend who told me he was 25 and then I found out through his dating profile that he was at least 28.

    • Maybe women are more pressured to look good then guys are, which is a shame. I think the modeling industry, not as a whole, and the media can ruin it. Thinking women have to have this perfect image instead of being liked for what they already have. It encourages some women, keyword some, to gloss up their appearance and manipulate a photo, in the case of online dating to look different than what they are. This causes guys to be attracted to the picture more than the real them and when they meet the girl in person and she looks a lot different, then they get disappointed. I'm not saying all girls do this, just saying the mentality behind it and what might cause it.

  • Not myself but I have heard of people who have run into this.

    • Seems to be more common than I thought as it turns out.

  • People lie about all kinds of things, i.e. age, weight, socioeconomic status, marital status, etc. on those sites.

    Men tend to lie about their work and/or how much they earn and their marital status.

    So much can be hidden behind a computer and the best way to find out what is and isn't is to meet the person.

    People lie...nothing new.

  • Everybody puts their best photos up, but hey everybody knows that if they fake to much the other person will be disappointed in person.

    I did meet this guy who looked okay on his profile but was so ugly in person :(

    • Yeah one thing I forgot to mention in the question is that it's one thing for a person to try and look their best. It's also another to manipulate a photo or present it in a way that they look like something they're not.

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    • Who you calling a complainer?

    • Sorry, for lack of a better term I said complaint. I wasn't attacking you by any means.

      I was just trying to say that even if a man is promiscuous, most girls don't even seem to acknowledge that. It's either irrelevant or almost a turnon. I was just saying that any guy that sleeps around and disrespects women should be judged the same as a woman who sleeps around and disrespects men.

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  • I'm old school, I don't do the online dating thing. That's one of the major reasons why. I gotta know what I'm getting into.

    • Now not everyone does it, but I've met quite a few that have.

    • Oh yeah, I know lots of people that do it. Just not my thing. I'm haven't been single in a long time anyway, and before that I was at a big university. Plenty of fish in the sea there, haha.

    • I was actually referring to people using misleading photos lol. Sorry I should have been more specific.

      To each their own regarding who does and does not use dating sites. My brother used to yell at me for using dating sites because he said its more about the relationship than the person, but I had a hard time meeting women when I was commuting to community college while living at home. The only girls at my friends parties were my friend's gfs.