Online Dating Chat: What should I say to this?

"Nope I used to work as a competition groom but now I work at kfc! My horse broke his leg"

Don't what how I should respond.


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  • do you mean wanting to know if you should respond in a way to be sympathetic or show empathy.

    • I don't know, just what is a good response. I responded anyway. Took me a while because I've been so busy for one thing so I said that. Said a few other things. Done. Thanks for showing an interest though :)

  • Lol I would say..move onto another person..that's just an odd thing to say.

    • Why is it? I was asking about her horse and competing. She didn't just say it out of the blue.

    • Lol well the way you said it in the question made her sound kind of well crazy maybe you should have better explained. What it is you want help on are you wondering how you should respond to these answers?

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