Why my ex acts like were still together at times?

He broke up with me because of trust issues I had with him and also I don't think that he really was that into me. And after 2 years yet still wants to chill at my house.. and flirt and touch me and do A lot of PDA more things I wanted him to do more now he dose it more often since we broke up. He still wants to hang out with me, cuddle , kiss, do sexual things , etc. with me...

He even gets upset sometimes when I talk about other guys or sees me talking to other guys.I mean is he fearing that I was already looking for someone else?

I don't understand, if he still has feelings for me or other. We are kinda like (FWB)


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  • I think he definitely still has feelings for you.. but be careful, make sure he knows what you want/your expectations - if you don't want to be FWB tell him or it might end up leading to that.

    I think he just realized what he had now that you're gone.. like most guys.