Guy pokes my sides but won't call/text?

Ok so there's this guy I work with who shows a lot of signs that he likes me. He hugs me really long. He looks at me softly/dilating eyes. He pokes or grabs my sides to make me jump from behind. Or when he greets me he just says hey M, and then pokes my stomach. When he wants me to do something for him like get his stuff, he'll tickle me to make me do it. I'm the only girl he does all this stuff for. He also lifts heavy things for me.

However, he won't call or text me much. Like sometimes he'll call me out of the blue and we'll talk for like 2 minutes and then he's off the phone or I'll text him if he's coming in today or where he's at and he'll text for a little and then stop texting. I'm just wondering if he's interested in me. because the phone thing just throws me completely off. I don't get on the phone much unless I like you but not texting back is also quite annoying too.


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  • Do you reciprocate some of the behaviour, show affection back at him? If not then maybe he is shy and doesn't want to come off creepy or stalkerish (this is a very real scenario for guys, and we have to be careful). If you reciprocate casually you may see his demeanour change in either way depending on how he is feeling.

    • Yes. I hug him, poke him back, give him candy, touch him a lot. The only thing I can't do is kiss him since it's work...and there's a million cameras around literally. Plus his friends also like me. I don't know if they're competing but the other guys haven't backed off yet. It's quite complicated with them as some have managed to woo me but I give him more attention if that makes sense. But I think he's scared because his best friend likes me more and maybe they had an agreement?

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    • Also you shouldn't be scared if he says no to you, tbh I've taken a lot of girls saying no to me and I'm not at a point in my life that I don't even take it badly, I just think "well it wasn't meant to be, I'll just find someone else". I think I've "screwed up" asked about 4-6 girls for their number now, they've been hesitant and asked for mine (and stupidly I gave it to them), but now I know when a girl doesn't want to give me hers and asks for mine, it's just a kind way of saying "no thanks".

    • So I say screw what him and his friends have planned, ask him out if he is who you want, or ask him which of his friends he reckons are decent and if you're into them then go there. If not then just tell them, when they get the balls to ask you out, that you're not interested in them and looking for someone else :)

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  • Perhaps, he likes to see the real you and not rely on superficial communications like phone calls because he can't see you. Perhaps, it's his show of being romantic

    • Lame way of showing it. How's that romantic lol? I personally like to see and talk to him in person also however, I do want him to at least text/call a know make the first move.

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  • I know there are a lot of guys who, although they like a girl or even are in a relationship with her, do not like texting or calling much. It isn't their bag. That could the case with this guy. What I am concerned about, is if he is doing all this to you at work, why isn't he asking you out yet? THAT is what I would be MORE concerned about. If you don't get asked out by him soon. seeing as he appears to like you, then something is not right here..he is either in another relationship and just likes flirting, and the way to "get you to do things at work for him" is this...or maybe he is gay?(I thought I would interject this because it could also be true)Back to the texting and calling part---have you thought that maybe he is in another relationship? Or do you know for sure he is "free"? Also, he may just like to "fool around" with you because he feels comfortable with he may just like you for a friend too...That is something to take into consideration.

    • His friends also like me which could be why he hasn't asked me out yet. But I interact with him more. No he's not gay. Aiya! He's single, I've checked his Facebook out as well. No ladies. OK too much to think about. I just need a simple answer not all these scenarios to worry about lol. We women really do over analyze lol sorry.

    • I can say this" he is definitely not intimidated by other guys "liking you"...most guys like competition and it is a challenge to try to win someone they really like is something else...