Do guys use dating sites to get dates or to get numbers?

Do guys use dating sites to just get numbers/hookups or do they legitimately go on to find dates? I know a few guys that seem like they could be players and I know they have profiles on various sites. I always wondered if the girls they are hanging out with are girls they meet online or girls they know in real life. They always have a lot of friends so its hard to tell.


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  • The reality of the dating sites is that top 10% of the guys looks wise will see 90% of the action in terms of the girls responding and going out on dates. (And the same is true for girls).

    As a result of all this attention, it's no wonder the top lookers would tend to use the "leads" from such sites for hookups, given they come in abundance.

    Lesser looking males and females might take the dating sites more seriously as each good lead they get is arguably more precious to them.

    One man's trash is another man's treasure.


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  • I think dating sites are just terrible ideas for guys. Way too many guys sending wayy too many messages to the women, so it's a deluge. We just need to go back to the hardship of actually meeting people, haha.

    And both. Some guys want dates, some guys look for hookups online.

  • It depends on the guy; some are looking for Miss Right, while others are looking for Miss Right Now. What's the best way to know for sure? Take things slow and make him wait until you're ready. If he's really only looking for "one thing," he'll quickly disappear after you make it clear that he has to wait.


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  • No guy truly JUST wants to get laid if he's single, everyone wants to meet the perfect person and guys fall in love easy and hard (right girl ofc) regardless if they are "players" before. Met a guy online. I slept with him on the first date (you KNOW when its right) and now we live together. He's hot and career minded too; meaning give everyone on there a chance even if they seem a little too good to be true at first.

  • Paid sites tend to have more guys looking for dates than hookups, from my experience.

  • mostly for hook ups

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