Why do men even bother especially if they are uninterested?could it be lies. and he really is interested?

He says I'm not his type, he doesn't think I'm attractive enough to date him. I'm not ulgy, I dress nice. Not over weight, but I had two children..but I'm a size 10..

Anyway guys if there was a girl that physically wasn't your type but personality wise you find her to be awesome but you want nothing more to be friends and that's it.

.. Would you even bother with her? Like call her, talk constantly, make sexual suggestions..

. would you even care about her.. like her well being, and flirt. Would you assume someone is being misleading, by stating you are not on there level and they would not date you, just wanted to be friends.

Want to be friends, but makes it seem there's more to you two than just friends, why would a guy do that, only thing I'm assuming he's seekin attention, maybe want to know if he still got it I supposed.

Help.. my heart is breaking over this one.


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  • He wants an ego boost and sex, but not to commit. Some people don't care if they're being misleading -- they're selfish jerks. People don't usually make sexual suggestions to their friends.

    • Ur the best thank you.. if all he ever wanted was the friendship then why kept me hoping.. he made me feel really special.. it sucks:( thanks tho

    • He may genuinely think you're a good human being, but he sounds very selfish. Some people just are.

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  • They are teases

    • Yeah, but I wouldn't bother if I wasn't interested..that's mis leading and could possibly hurt someone feelings. Don't you think?

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