Serious online dating sites for adult teens?

Well I typically like to meet a girl the 'old fashion way' but my town is fairly small, populated by very... interesting people. I mean they are alright if you enjoy 'mudding' and such. I know while I am young I still would like to start looking for a serious relationship with some one I wouldn't mind spending at least a long time with. I am a student so I will either be living at home or in a dorm so obviously not going to have much flexibility still due to money.

So here it is, what is a dating site I could use and see good results.

Apparently there is some confusion about the question.

Adult teen meaning any age like nineteen that ends with teen is considered teen but some would consider early twenties as far as maturity 'teen'. I am 18 and would like to find some one who is jail bait.


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  • Plenty of

  • "I am 18 and would like to find some one who is jail"


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