My date offered to go into Victorias Secret with me?

So we were walking around the mall before a show we were going to and I saw they were having their big sale and just to make conversation I just said 'gotta hit that sale soon' or something like that. Then, he offered to go in there with me. Was this just a nice gesture or did he really want to watch me buy underwear? Or learn my size? lol

Because when I normally pass VS, there are tons of girls boyfriends just sitting outside of it because they don't want to go in.


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  • The anon girl has the best answer :)

    My first thought was that he's just being nice and polite, and if he can see you in underwear, then that's just a huge huge huge huge plus.

    And I don't get the guys that stay outside - I would be choosing my girlfriends underwear with her; along with perving at her of course ;)


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  • At least one of those options is correct, along with whatever others we can dream up. There's no reason to question his motives.

  • That's nice isn't it


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  • This would be my guess:

    He likes ladies underwear

    He would never go in there all by his lonesome so he sees this as his excuse to go in because

    now he has you to go with

    He really likes to shop

    He thinks that you want him to help or something

    He wants to see what other sexy stuff is going on inside that store, glimpses of sexy girls