First date in 2 years!

It's been 2 years since I went on a first date and I'm nervous and scared, this guy is 4 years older then me, he's probably been on more dates then me and he's a gentleman and I'm far from being some lady like posh girl I'm more of the sarcastic weird girl, I don't know how to act or what to talk about on this date any ideas?


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  • The important question is does he know that you're a sarcastic weird girl? If this is why he's dating you, then you can be yourself. I wouldn't suggest going overboard on a first date but the pressure would disappear if he likes this about you. If he doesn't know about you, what would like to happen on this date? Sarcastic weird girls are not generally known for trying to please others by appearing to be other than what they are. There is a balance between trying to be oneself and not flaunting one's individuality too far. It's primarily a matter of restraint and sounding out the other person with hints and a little taste of what's inside. If that goes over well, you can show a little more.

    I personally believe in being myself and not trying to impress others at all. But that's me and I don't necessarily recommend this for everyone. I have little patience for social expectations and plenty of patience for finding people who appreciate me for who I am. For what it's worth, many of the girls I like are weird, not because I'm attracted to weird but because the kind of people I'm attracted to are very different than most people. Naturally there are plenty of weird girls I'm not attracted to.


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