Guys- when do you make the move to kiss a girl for the first time?

So I'm with a shy guy who hasn't kissed me yet and we've been on 2 dates. I know some people kiss on the first date and some people don't. If you are shy, when would you make the move? Or if you're not that shy, on what date do you normally kiss a girl?


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  • I'm as shy as they come. I'd wait till I got to know her good, and she got to know me good. To the point where I can see it in her eyes that she's ready and I know if I don't make a move I'll be just considered a good friend because I had a chance and blew it. So I'd let love take over pride and take my chance.

    I wouldn't go by number of dates, but by the quality of the dates. It'll happen, its just us shy guys go about it a little differently.

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  • I'm very shy also. I don't kiss on a first date. I haven't been on a first date that I felt that strongly about the girl yet, that and I also think it builds a little anticipation to wait. Second or third date it depends on how the date went, how the mood was, you just have to feel it out.


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  • I've had a guy go for it on the first date when he walked me to my car. That's bold though.

    Usually it's during a movie or something.

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