About 5 months ago I found out one of my guy friends likes me. He is a great guy, super sweet and genuinely cares about me. We tried dating for a bit, but I realized I couldn't picture myself doing more than making out with him, mainly because he had sex with my roommate (before I knew him). I told him we should just be friends, and I actually stuck to that. We recently have been hanging out A LOT probably 3-4 times a week...and last night we made out for the first time since February. I really do like him, but I don't know if I will ever not feel weird about him and my roommate (there are no feelings between them, it was a one night stand)...I wanna keep hanging out, but I don't want to lead him on, I know he still likes me, a lot...ahhhh


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  • well I feel bad for the guy. he must have liked you a lot from the beginning but at least he didn't just sit around waiting for you. I'm glad he still moved about sleeping with other women. but the problem here is all you. you weren't going out with him so he has every right to sleep with whoever he wants. he probably felt there was no potential with you.

    as for now only go out with him if you see that you do liike him. don't feel that you have to go out with him just because he likes u.

    • Oh I don't really care that he has slept with other people, I would just feel awkward cause he has slept with my roommate, who is one of my best that weird of me? Thanks for the advice!

    • Oh I see. I can see why it would be confusing. no its weird for to feel weird. in fact since they already slept together there is that kinda of a wormhole they can use to sleep together if either of them is gets mad at you for whatever reason. so just think about how much that would affect you. I'm not saying its gona happen but this scenario is not uncommon at all.

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  • sweetie, this is like word for word, what happened to me. alright well my advice would be to really think about your feelings for him. if you decide that it isn't like before and you are certain that you can see yourself in a physical and emotional relationship with him then I'd say go for it. his one night stand with your roommate most likely meant NOTHING to him. I know when this happened to me that my guy actually did it to try to forget about me. IF you are questionable about whether you could feel that real connection with him then no. please don't lead him on because if he still likes you and you end things again... I mean...there's only so many times a guy can take that.