Whats the best way to get to know someone again years later.

whats the best ways to get to know someone again when you live far away and you can only text or call I wanna know who he's become now as a person and he was the one I wanted to spend my life with but things happened I moved now 10yrs later he finds me and we exchange numbers and text and call but its more like small talk with some meaningful talks but I wanna come out and say I wanna know who you are now


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  • I'd ask a few questions. What do you think about the Iraq war? What do you think about global warming? have you ever paid for sex? I'm sure you can come up with many more...questions that will tell you what kind of guy he is.

    If he won't answer, well, that also tells you what kind of guy he has become, right?

  • I think you can come out and say that. It's not asking for too much. People change in 10 years so it's reasonable to use that as a reason for asking. Be prepared to ask questions if he asks what you want to know.


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