Why does he text me first and then stop responding after a few messages?

I went to school with this guy, we had been friends for several years and just sort of lost contact over time when I moved away for college. A few months ago, we ran into one another and hung out a few days later. We kissed a lot and he kept saying that he had missed me a lot and that he hadn't ever met anyone like me, and he thinks about me a lot. After that, he would text me first and continue to text me for about 4 days but he started taking hours to respond and sometimes quit responding at all. I decided to move on, I'm not really the type to sit and wait around for someone who doesn't seem interested in me. Over the semester, he would randomly text me or snapchat me, especially when he was drunk. I didn't really ever respond. When I came back in town we ran into one another again and decided to hang out together with some friends. All night he held my hand and kissed me in front of his friends, we ended up making out for several hours later. He texted me first a few hours later, then responded twice to my messages and stopped, then texted me again the next day, after one response he stopped. Haha any ideas what's going on with this guy? Thanks a tons for your help!


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  • I think he likes you, but he's not yet mature or determined enough to properly put some commitment into it. Just see the examples:

    * He texts you especially when he's drunk. So he cares less when he's somber.

    * Most of the time both of you meet only by coincidence.

    * His contact with you is sporadic and he quickly starts ignoring you afterwards.

    Liking someone without really putting effort or caring, is just called playing around.


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