Would you reply to girl on dating site who asked for last name in first email?

this girl on POF used the meet me feature and requested to meet me , anyways I wasn't really that interested in her but I decided to message her anyways , she replied back but basically she didn't say much and asked for my last name being that were from a small town I found that weird and though she was just being noisey and planned to like look me up online or something and wasn't really interested in me at all . what are your thoughs would you even bother replying to such a girl ?


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  • You sound paranoid... Especially for a small town, the odds are she is just curious to see your fb and see if you have any mutual friends. Maybe went to the same school and so on. I wouldn't waste her time. Gawd this is why I hate POF bunch of low lifes.

    • I don't know why some of that site what to see what people have posted on other sites so bad , isn't there already enough on my profile I'm obvivously not lying about being single ? why would someone need to see Facebook page so bad , for dating purposes I'd rather just keep things to POF and not use Facebook anyways

    • If you can afford it honestly a paid site would be much much better. Like match.com

    • Thanks for BA :)

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  • She is probably trying to verify that you are not a dangerous stalker or killer. If you don't want to give her your information, decline a date with her.

    • how is she going to know that ? I found it odd she didn't even ask me any other questions and doesn't even appear interested in talking to me

    • I used to try dating sites and I discovered that my married friend's husband was cheating on her. Maybe she feels she knows you? I once bumped into two people in one day that I knew on a dating site. One guy was somebody I went on a date with 4 years ago, and another guy was somebody who went to my church for 6 years.

  • Nope


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  • I suppose she wants to google you or see your Facebook profile, in order to have a better outlook on your personality.

    Which isn't such a bad thing, actually. But if it 's too early for you, then just tell her you need to talk some more before saying who you are.

    • well I already said in first email I wasn't ready to meet and just wanted to exchange messages for time being , she didn't even ask me any questions and hasn't sent me anything else . it seemed odd all she wanted to know was my full name , my first name is already on POF profile

    • it could be anything. Stalker, ex under a false identity, whatever.

      Try to engage conversation, but this is already a red flag.

      If it bothers you that much, block her.

    • I've seen her around town before but haven't really talked to her , it is definity a red flag as she hasn't tried to engage me in any legitimate conversations and just doesn't seem that interested for someone who claimed to be