Strange kind of guys but not a fetish?

Do you girls accept to date a guy who want you to massage his face with your feet but he is not a foot fetish but seduced by that?

I mean like in Charlie's angel massage scene?


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  • yeah see that sounds awfully like a foot fetish, and is kinda weird, I don't think I would be able to do it I would be laughing to hard sorry

    • I'm really not a foot fetish I hate feet but that thing seduce me so much.

    • Well to each their own, go on I bet you can find someone you will do it, just personally I wouldn't

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  • No sorry I hate feet and that would creep me out but I'm sure some girls wouldn't mind

  • Nope sorry, sounds like a fetish! I'm not into feet and would find it strange. I would be kind of put off.


What Guys Said 2

  • I once massaged this guy's face with my feet.

    He didn't ask me to do it though, I just felt he deserved it.

    He told his parents though and I got in trouble, lol

    This, of course, was a long time ago.

  • I don't understand girls aversion to feet. Maybe because guys feet tend to be uglier? As a guy I appreciate all parts of a woman's body...including the feet. I definitely don't have a fetish but I can enjoy feet. Massaging his face is a bit strange, but I wouldn't know if that's a fetish =P

    So do none of you girls like feet...or is that just my own experience speaking?

    • I also don't know is fetish or not but I hate all forms of foot fetish like sniff or lick or kiss or suck etc I really hate that too much and aversion to it

    • Haha even on the receiving end of the foot seduction?