Where to go out out Please help guys and girls

I was planning on take this girl I like out to eat. We are both freshman in college and we met during the summer in 2013. We have gone out a few times to get food like ihop. At first we went with her friend but then we went just us two. We aren't going out and its not like an official date or anything but I was wondering if we should do something before or after going out to eat. Do you guys or girls do something before or after when you guys go out to eat. I was thinking of taking her to go eat in the city. Any suggestions? and yeah this isn't an official date


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  • Why isn't it?

  • CHIPOTLE. It's inexpensive and delicious.

    • thanks but I mean should I take her or should we do something before or after getting food?

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    • i just sent you a friend request so I can ask you and thanks

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