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Should I break up with my boyfriend?

So I'm dating this guy. Before we started dating he was so sweet and nice & we would hangout a lot by our selfs at school. He ended up asking me out, I said yes. So I guess my "friend" , Sam, split up my friend and her boyfriend and they've been dating for 2 years they broke up Because of Sam. So my friend told me that Sam told her she was going to take my boyfriend away from me and try to get at him. I told my boyfriend about it, he told me sam isn't even cute . Week later, they started talking. She's on his best friend list for snapchat, they FaceTime a lot & stuff. We are on winter break now and My boyfriend has been acting different lately, he hardly ever texts me now and if he does it's at like one am for 15 minutes. & he takes forever to respond & sometimes he reads my messages and doesn't reply. I really like him. Over summer vacation, I was "talking" to this guy Marcos and we almost went out but didn't... So yesterday we were texting and I told him how I cry over my boyfriend like every night. & Marcos tells me that he doesn't know why my boyfriend is hurting me like that, Marcos said he'd treat me like a princess and that no one else would be more important than me to him besides his parents, and that I am amazingly gorgeous & my boyfriend has an angel as a girlfriend and he doesn't know why my boyfriend doesn't understand that. Marcos treats me sooooooooo much better than my boyfriend. Should I break up with my boyfriend? I don't know what to do please help.
Should I break up with my boyfriend?
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