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Okay there is this girl I have been seeing (dating, whatever you want to call it) for the past three months. There have a couple times where we spoke about where we are heading. She told me she likes the way things are going and she likes me and that she is only seeing me. We kept going on dates for a few weeks after that, but I am still wondering where that puts me really. No definite answer and still just a pretty vague answer. Then I spoke to her again, but tells me she really likes me. That she just wants to be friends first before she jumps into the whole relationship thing. So in my head I am confused, we date and do all that good stuff (we haven't had sex yet, which is on me because I rather wait till I get married. I know a little odd at my age, but hey that is one thing that makes me unique). Right now all I am going off is her word that she is seeing only me, which confuses the hell out of me. If we are friends first, then what the hell is really stopping you from seeing someone and me from seeing someone (other than me just feeling plain guilty, because I am really head over heels for this girl and she knows it). Maybe someone can clarify this for me?

P.S. Normally when I hear friends first I am gone, but for some reason I still want to stick around.

What I don't get is that if we have been going out for 3 to 3.5 months and this girl says she is seeing only me. Yet she wants to be friends first, before she actually is in a decision. Also says I am to worried about her seeing other guys. If we are friends then why should I even feel guilty for seeing other girls and just let her see other guys. I am missing the whole concept here, yet at the same time I am here waiting for her and putting in my time and effort (and money for the dates).
which I don't have a problem if we are dating. Yet if we are just "friends,' we should go half and half. Yet at the same time I don't know why I would feel guilty for talking to another girl until she is really serious about me and her. To tell you the truth I really like her, but don't want to seem like the idiot while, I am not really sure she is not playing the field and I am here chasing her. I feel like the big joke/jackass if that is what's popping.


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  • Well maybe she means take things slow like start there and end up dating I'm not really sure women they are really good at getting in your head and messing things up as Dane Cook would say they are brain ninjas. I would ask her what she means by this who better to clarify then the person who said it right. I mean it sounds like she likes you and you obviously like her if she is only seeing you that must mean you and her are an item but then again lol I don't know women are confusing I would ask her discuss it with her and clear things up.


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  • Idk If the whole friend thing is a good idea..suggest that you guys continue going out on dates. That way your not official but technically you guys are seeing each by that technically other guys or women shouldn't be in the picture. Also by that way you guys will be getting to know one another and will be able to decide if a relationship is necessary and since you guys been doing it if you want to be with her then continue but not for too long. After a while you should seriously sit down and talk to her about if you guys are serious or not. By the way I respect you that your saving yourself until marriage. Deep respect. lol


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  • Looks familiar to me...Just do something before she starts to go in shopping with you,or start speaking about some cute guys approaching her...

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